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Lecture 7 - 7. 1.Risk Probabilityofdanger,injury,loss...

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7. Risk and Engineering Failure 1. Risk Probability of danger, injury, loss Money, health/life, relationships, material goods (fire, theft, etc) In this lecture make the difference between society's acceptability of actual risk (that  can be measured) and pereived risk (that is believed) Perceived risk changes over time Actual risk changes with technological innovation How do is risk assessed? i) Identify hazard ii) How does event occur iii) Probability of event iv) Consequence of event i. Hazard Nuclear reactor Automobile Hamburger A rare hamburger has higher risk of E. coli. then well done hamburger. Therefore rare burger has more flavour and better texture but higher risk of  food poisoning ii. How does event occur Automobile Human Technical failure Environment iii. Probability of event Automobile: high Airplane: low iv. Consequence of event Acceptable Unacceptable Death? Inconvenience? Chernobyl Quantification proved wrong - risk failed to materialize
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  • Fall '08
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