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Lecture 8 - Lecture8:Alternative/ ONE:Definitions...

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Lecture 8: Alternative/Appropriate Technologies ONE: Definitions a) Alternative(intermediate) Technology Technologies that included both indigenous experience and modern concepts. Use  technology in novel ways. b) Appropriate Technology Use existing technologies that are suitable for local conditions; change/modify  technologies as conditions change Technological blending - Combination of old and new technologies - Apply technologies to market oriented, small scale activities Appropriate Technology: car size; energy sources Technological Blending Used in country development Cell Phone in Africa c) Developing countries Developing countries - Definition changes - based on economic / social/ political indicators - face pressing problems  of quality of life that technology has ability to solve. TWO: Technological Transfer a) Within a country or between countries of equal levels of development.
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  • Fall '08
  • western technology, technological transfer, Technology Technologies, Megan Campbell University of waterloo Branch, country Technological Transfer, activities Appropriate Technology

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