anthro101lec11-12.feb0406.y08 - ANTHROPOLOGY 101 02.06.08...

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Unformatted text preview: ANTHROPOLOGY 101 02.06.08 LECTURE 12 Overview: Mechanics of Biological Change [Note: Lecture notes for lectures 11 & 12 are contained in the powerpoint slides there are no notes beyond them. Lecture 12 was a deconstruction of the places to look for issues in the heritable IQ statements based on twin studies many of the points re-emphasized those in the discussion of Morton & Yerkes.] I. Human diversity and unity--a conundrum? A. Kottaks chapter 5 points to all kinds of diversity among human populations. Why cant intelligence be there, too? : skin color : teeth size : hair color : hair texture : blood type : nose length : body build : finger length--> But what do we notice? : all of these things vary independently of each other : nothing hangs with the one major marker we use for race (skin color) B. This leads us to ask about the mechanisms for diversity and the forces for unity--> How do you get diversity?...
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anthro101lec11-12.feb0406.y08 - ANTHROPOLOGY 101 02.06.08...

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