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1 The University of Waterloo School of Accounting and Finance AFM 102 – Introduction to Management Accounting Quiz 2 Friday March 11, 2011 4:30PM – 6:00 PM IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 1. This is a ninety (90) minute quiz. You should stop writing immediately when the proctor announces the end of the quiz period. 2. This quiz booklet is back printed and should contain 10 numbered pages including this cover page. You should ensure that your quiz booklet is complete. 3. This is a closed book quiz. You are not permitted to consult any notes while completing this quiz. You are not permitted to communicate with any other student in any way or for any reason during the quiz period. If you need to communicate with someone you should put your hand up and speak with the proctor. 4. You may use a calculator to complete this quiz. You MAY NOT use any calculating device that can store text such as a smart phone or iPad. 5. This quiz contains 20 multiple choice questions and three exercise questions.
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Unformatted text preview: You must record your answers to the multiple choice questions clearly using a soft lead pencil on the Scantron card you have been given. If you erase an answer please ensure that it is erased completely. A response with two items coded will be assigned a grade of zero. Each multiple choice question is worth 2 points. You should budget about 40 minutes to complete the multiple choice questions. 6. You must record your answers to the three exercise questions in the examination workbook provided. Each exercise question is worth 15 points. You should budget about 50 minutes to complete the three exercise questions. 7. Make sure that you have indicated both your name and your student number on the Scantron card and the workbook and that you have coded your student number in the bubbles in the appropriate on the Scantron cards. Cards or examination workbooks that are submitted with no name will be assigned a grade of zero....
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