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Chapter 4 Middle America Multiple Choice Introduction 1. Which of the following is not included in the realm defined as Middle America? A. Mexico *B. Brazil C. Cuba D. Panama E. Trinidad Physiography 2. A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land bodies is known as a(n) : A. spine *B. isthmus C. Oriente D. rimland E. peninsula 3. The funnel-shaped connection between North America and South America, extending from Mexico through Panama to Colombia, is an example of: A. a rim land B. a peninsula C. an antille *D. a land bridge E. a fault zone 4. Which of the following is located in the Greater Antilles? *A. Cuba B. Nicaragua C. Bolivia D. Honduras E. Belize 5. Which of the following statements is incorrect? A. Though African cultural influences dominate in the Caribbean portion of Middle America, Amerindian traditions survive on the mainland. *B. Trinidad is considered one of the Greater Antilles. C. Anthropologists commonly refer to the Middle America culture hearth as “Mesoamerica.” D. Many Central Americans do not consider Panama to be a part of their region. E. Plantations are found in the rimland. 6. As a group, the islands Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are known as: A. Latin America B. Non-Latin America C. the Hispanic Caribbean D. the Lesser Antilles *E. the Greater Antilles 7. The island destroyed by a volcano in 1998 was: A. Cuba B. Jamaica C. Bermuda D. Bahama *E. Montserrat Page 94 Middle America
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Legacy of Mesoamerica 8. Which of the following countries is located in the culture hearth known as Mesoamerica? *A. Guatemala B. United States C. Puerto Rico D. Peru E. Panama 9. Mesoamerica is: A. a region that coincides with the forest zone of Middle America *B. recognized by anthropologists as one of the world's culture hearths C. the only area of great cultural advancement in all of the Americas D. the source area for the peopling of North America E. the Middle American Rimland, by Augelli's definition 10 Which of the following statements is incorrect? *A. The Mayan civilization arose in the highland areas of Mexico. B. The Aztec civilization was founded on the higher plateaus of present-day Mexico. C. The ceremonial center of the Aztec civilization, named Tenochtitlan, was located in the Valley of Mexico. D. Tenochtitlan probably had over one-hundred thousand inhabitants at its peak. E. The Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish. 11. The core area of the Aztec state was located in the: A. lowlands of Guatemala B. same place as the core area of the earlier Mayan state *C. Valley of Mexico D. interior of the Yucatan Peninsula E. Andean Plateau 12. Which of the following is not a Middle American Amerindian group? *A. Incans B. Aztecs C. Toltecs D. Mayans E. all of the above are Middle American Amerindian groups Collision of Cultures 13. Which of the following statements is incorrect? *A. The decline of the Mayan civilization was initiated by Hernan Cortez.
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04MCTF - Chapter 4 Middle America MultipleChoice...

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