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ANSC324 Proper Poster Formatting - ANSC324 Proper Poster...

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ANSC324 Proper Poster Formatting Poster size = 36” x 56” Components of the Poster Include: ABSTRACT The abstract, consisting of no more than 2,500 keystrokes (characters plus spaces) in one paragraph, appears at the beginning of the manuscript with the word “ABSTRACT” capitalized. Hence, the abstract should summarize pertinent results in a brief but understandable form. References are never cited in the abstract. Abbreviations that appear in the abstract that are not included in the standard abbreviation listing found in each issue of JAS must be defined before they are first used. The abstract should start with a clear statement of the objective and must conclude with one or two sentences that highlight important conclusions. Authors who hold patents related to the research presented in the manuscript should include a statement to that effect in a footnote on the first page.
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Introduction The introduction follows the abstract and must not exceed 2,000 keystrokes (characters plus spaces). It briefly justifies the research and specifies the hypotheses to be tested. Extensive discussion of relevant literature should be included in the discussion of results, not in the introduction. To minimize length and avoid redundancy, generally no more than three references should be cited to support a specific concept. Materials and Methods A clear description or specific original reference is required for all biological, analytical, and statistical procedures. All modifications of procedures must be explained. Diets, animals (breed, sex, age, body weight, and weighing conditions [i.e., with or without restriction of feed and/or water]), surgical techniques, measurements, and statistical models should be described clearly
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ANSC324 Proper Poster Formatting - ANSC324 Proper Poster...

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