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ANSC 324 Spring, 2007 Homework #3 15 Points Due Date: one week from today. I. Premixes You are the head poultry nutritionist for Agri-Minerals, a company that specializes in trace mineral premixes for the livestock industry. Your responsibilities include formulating premixes to be mixed at your plant. These mineral premixes are often blended with a vitamin premix to make a base mix that is sold to your clientele for inclusion in the diets they make. In addition, to overseeing the formulation of these base mixes, you serve as a technical advisor to your clientele. Broiler Specialties, Inc., a long standing client of Agri-minerals, has contacted your office and requested that you supply them with a base mix that will meet the vitamin and trace mineral requirements of their 0-3 wk old broilers. Use the ingredients below to formulate a base mix that includes both vitamins and trace minerals. Keep in mind, that since this is a base mix with vitamins and trace minerals mixed, you need to be concerned about the break down of
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HW _3_2007_plan_B - ANSC 324 Spring, 2007 Homework #3 15...

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