Lab Exercise _4_2007 - ANSC 324 Spring, 2007 Laboratory...

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ANSC 324 Spring, 2007 Laboratory Exercise #3 Due Date: COMPLETE IN LAB (no point value) This laboratory exercise will emphasize ingredient and nutrient selection for computerized diet formulation. You will choose which INGREDIENTS are available for the computer to use in the formulation, and you will determine how constraints and limitations you set influence the formulation. You will also select which NUTRIENTS the computer will focus on for formulation purposes, and apply selected nutrient restrictions . Log on to your PUCC account and set up your Brill diet formulation files. You need to do the following. Your TA will guide you through the process. I. Part 1 1. Set up the customer, ration, and lot information. Use your name, select poultry for the species (code 14), and select the DeKalb strain. Call this diet a “broiler starter” and identify it as lot 1, ration 1. When you are done, you will want to save the diet formulation for future reference. 2. Using the ingredient codes provided in the parentheses, select ground corn (79), soybean meal 50% crude protein (216), dicalcium phosphate (407), limestone (410), salt (488), and poultry premix (720), and fat (98) as your ingredients. 3. Edit the nutrient composition of your ground corn and soybean meal to have metabolizable energy values for poultry (nutrient no. 107) of 1523 and 1150 kcal/ME per pound, respectively. Be sure you save these changes. 4. Place ingredient restrictions as follows for salt and premix. Fix salt in the diet at 0.4% and the premix at 0.15% by entering these numbers as both the minimum and maximum. 5. Select the nutrient restrictions tab and place the following restrictions. Under % Target Weight, set minimum nutrient requirements for protein (23%) and minimum and maximum nutrient requirements for energy (1455 kcal ME per pound is 3200 kcal ME per kg of diet), calcium (0.9%), and available phosphorus (0.4%).
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Lab Exercise _4_2007 - ANSC 324 Spring, 2007 Laboratory...

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