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gdbnotes - gdbnotes print/c $eax print 0x100 print/x 555 x...

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gdbnotes.txt Sun Aug 26 16:15:56 2001 1 Starting: gdb gdb <file> gdb -h (lists command line options) Exiting: quit Ctrl-d Note: Ctrl-C does not exit from gdb, but halts the current gdb command General commands run (start your program) kill (stop the program) Breakpoints break FUNCTION (set a breakpoint at the entry to the function) break *ADDRESS (set a breakpoint at the specified address) disable <NUM> (disable the breakpoint with that number) enable <NUM> (enable the breakpoint with that number) clear FUNCTION (clear any breakpoints at the entry to the function) delete <NUM> (deletes the breakpoint with that number) delete (deletes all breakpoints) Working at breakpoints stepi (execute one machine code instruction) stepi <NUM> (execute NUM instructions) step (execute one C statement) nexti (like stepi, but proceed through subroutine calls) nexti <NUM> next until LOCATION (continue running until LOCATION is reached) continue (resume execution) continue <NUM> (continue, ignoring this breakpoint NUM times)
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