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1.8. CHAPTER 1, PROBLEM 8 9 1.8 Chapter 1, Problem 8 Problem: An astronaut weighs 2 stones on the Moon. Noting that a stone is 14 pounds, what is the astronaut’s weight, in pounds, on Earth where the gravitational acceleration is 6 times that of the Moon? Solution: In general, the astronaut’s weight is the product of his or her mass, M , and the gravitational acceleration. Denoting the gravitational acceleration by
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Unformatted text preview: g e and g m on the Earth and the Moon, respectively, the ratio of the astronaut’s weight on Earth, W e , to that on the Moon, W m , is W e W m = Mg e Mg m = g e g m Given that there are 14 pounds in a stone, and that g e = 6 g m , there follows, W e = 6 W m = 6(2 stone) w 14 lb stone W = 168 lb Hence, the astronaut weighs 168 pounds on Earth....
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