Physic 1401 HW Chapter 1-22

Physic 1401 HW Chapter 1-22 - HW Ch 1 Measurement and...

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HW Ch. 1 Measurement and Mathematics Chapter 1: Measurement and Mathematics Conceptual problems 1.C.3 (5.00) You take two measurements in a lab. The first measurement is in units called zorbs. The second measurement is in different units called zargs. Both zorbs and zargs have the same dimensions. Can you directly add these measurements together? If not, what additional information do you need in order to add them? NO Yes No (0/1 submissions used) (0/3 submissions used) 1.C.4 (5.00) When multiplying by a conversion factor, how do you determine which unit belongs in the numerator and which in the denominator? The top numerator represents the equal parts; where as, the bottom denominator makes up for the parts as a whole. When working with conversion factors, the units to be cancelled out, should be represented in both the top numerator and bottom denominator so that the desired outcome would be represented in the end result. (0/3 submissions used) 1.C.5 (5.00) The following variables are commonly seen in equations. The name of the quantity represented by each variable, and its dimension(s), are also shown. x distance (L) t time (T) m mass (M) a acceleration (L/T 2 ) v speed (L/T)
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F force (ML/T 2 ) Using the information above, check the boxes of the equations that are dimensionally correct. Select all that apply. F = ma check v 2 = 2 ax false v = at 2 F / v = m / t check (0/2 submissions used) 1.C.9 (5.00) Consider the sine and cosine functions. (a) As an angle increases from 0° to 90°, does the sine of the angle increase or decrease? (b) How about the cosine? (a) Increases Decreases (0/1 submissions used) sine dec (b) Increases Decreases (0/1 submissions used) cosine incre 1.C.1 0 (5.00) You walk along the edge of a large circular lawn. You walk clockwise from your
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Physic 1401 HW Chapter 1-22 - HW Ch 1 Measurement and...

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