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HW Ch. 11 Rotational Dynamics Chapter 11: Rotational Dynamics Conceptual problems 11.C. 2 (5.00) (a) Can an object have an angular velocity if there is no net torque acting on it? (b) Can an object have a net torque acting on it if it has zero angular velocity? (a) Yes No (0/1 submissions used) (b) Yes No (0/1 submissions used) 11.C. 3 (5.00) On which of the following does the moment of inertia depend? Angular velocity Angular momentum Shape of the object Location of axis of rotation Mass Linear velocity (0/2 submissions used) 11.C. 8 (7.00) A thin, small hoop is rolling slowly along the ground. An ant is walking on the inside of the hoop and a beetle is walking on top of the rolling hoop, in the directions shown. They walk at such a speed that they maintain their positions at the bottom and top of the hoop, respectively. (a) Which insect has to walk at a higher speed? (b) According to a nearby spider sitting on the ground watching the spectacle, which insect is moving faster with respect to the Earth?
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(a) The beetle on top walks fasterThe ant inside walks fasterThey walk at the same speed (0/1 submissions used) (b) The beetle on top travels fasterThe ant inside travels fasterThey move at the same speed (0/1 submissions used) Section 0: Introduction 11.0.1 (5.00) Use the simulation in the interactive problem in Section 11.0 to answer the following questions. (a) Does changing the distance from the axis of rotation affect the angular acceleration? (b) Where should you push to create the maximum torque and angular acceleration? (a) Yes No (0/1 submissions used) (b) Farthest from the axis of rotationIn the middle of the bridgeClosest to the axis of rotation (0/1 submissions used) Section 1: Torque 11.1.1 (5.00) The wheel on a car is held in place by four nuts. Each nut should be tightened to 94.0 N·m of torque to be secure. If you have a wrench with a handle that is 0.250 m long, what minimum force do you need to exert perpendicular to the end of the wrench to tighten a nut correctly? (0/6 submissions used)
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HW Ch11 - HW Ch 11 Rotational Dynamics Chapter 11...

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