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HW Ch. 19 Temperature and Heat Chapter 19: Temperature and Heat Conceptual problems 19.C. 3 (5.00) A steel block is heated so that the length of each side increases 1%. What happens to its mass? It doesn’t change It increases 1%It increases 3%It increases 3.0301%It does not change (0/2 submissions used) 19.C. 6 (5.00) In coastal towns, breezes tend to blow offshore (from the land to the ocean) during the night and early morning, and onshore (from the ocean to the land) during the afternoon and evening. What factors primarily contribute to this effect? Heat conduction Heat convection Specific heat of land vs water Salinity of the water Thermal expansion (0/2 submissions used) Section 3: Temperature scale conversions 19.3.1 (5.00) Convert each of the following temperatures to the indicated scale: (a) 100.00 K to the Celsius scale; (b) 100.00 K to the Fahrenheit scale; (c) 72°F to the Celsius scale; and (d) −273.15°C to the Fahrenheit scale.
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(a) (0/6 submissions used) °C -173.15 (b) (0/6 submissions used) °F -279.67 (c) (0/6 submissions used) °C 22 (d) (0/6 submissions used) °F -459.67 Section 9: Thermal expansion: linear 19.9.3 (5.00) A metal rod is 2.673 m long at 23.25°C. When its temperature is increased to 168.4°C, the length of the rod is 2.681 m. What is the metal's coefficient of linear expansion? Express your answer to four significant digits. 2.062e-5 (0/6 submissions used) 1/C° 19.9.4 (5.00) The aptly-named Steel Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, has a central span steel truss that is 64.1 m long. What is its change in length over the year from the average minimum annual temperature of 0.90°C to the average maximum of 26.3°C? Use a coefficient of linear expansion of
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HW Ch19 - HW Ch 19 Temperature and Heat Chapter 19...

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