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Geography myth significances

Geography myth significances - Mythology quiz#5(geography...

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Mythology quiz #5 (geography) Cnossus : Where King Minos took the young children of Athens to be fed to the Minotaur. Theseus went and with the help of one of King Minos’ daughters, Ariadne, he was able to kill the Minotaur and returned the children to Athens safe and sound. Naxos : Thseus left Ariadne on the island on the way back to Athens. Dionysus found her, fell in love with her, and saved her. Lesbos : There, Apollo gave Orpheus a lyre and the Muses taught him to play and sing. When Orpheus incurred the wrath of the god Dionysus he was dismembered by the Maenads and of his body parts his head and his lyre found their way to Lesbos where they have "remained" ever since. Lemnos : When Hephaestus was flung out of heaven, he fell on Lemnos, wehre the Sintians cared for him. The island became his chief cult center. Dionysus brought Ariadne there after their marriage. At one time Aphrodite led the Lemnian women to kill all the males on the island. They then welcomed the Argonauts when they stopped at Lemnos on their outward voyage. Troy : Homeland of Prince Ganymede. He was the most attractive of mortals, which led Zeus, in the form of an eagle, to abduct him for service as cup-bearer to the gods. Anchises was a prince of Troy. He laid with Aphrodite in a crop, but later died from Zeus’ wrath. A son was born out of their relationship, Aeneas. The legend is after the fall of Troy, he gathered the survivors and led them to found a new city which became Rome.
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