Lecture Outlines 1-3

Lecture Outlines 1-3 - "Zeus" I. Establishment of...

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Unformatted text preview: "Zeus" I. Establishment of Zeus' Sovereignty in the Theogony A. Titanomachy B. Gigantomachy l. Palazzo Te, Mantua 2. Pergamon altar 3. Versailles C. Typhoeus/Typhaon/Typhon D. Hurrian parallels l. Anu 2. Kumarbi 3. Storm—god 4. Ullikummi E. Prometheus 1. three acts of deception a. feast at Mekone b. theft of fire c. Pandora 2. Prometheus' punishment 3. the heroic interpretation of Prometheus a. Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound b. Shelley's Prometheus Unbound II. Zeus as Guarantor of Justice A. Flood Myth —— Deuoalion and Pyrrha B. Lycaon C. Zeus Xenios l. Baucis and Philemon II. Europa A. B. C. III. Io A. B. C. IV. Leda Semele A. B. C. V. "Zeus in Love" Seduction by Zeus in form of Satyr Battle between Nycteus and King Epopeus of Sicyon Mistreatment by Lycus and Dirce Birth of twins Amphion and Zethus . Punishment of Lycus and Dirce Seduction by Zeus in form of Bull Movement from Tyre to Crete Marriage to Asterius 1. three sons: Minos, Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon Daughter of Inachus of Argos, Expelled by him Transformed into a Cow l. Argus 2. gadfly Wanderings l. Bosporus 2. Prometheus 3. end in Egypt Birth of Epaphus Wife of Tyndareus Seduction by Zeus in form of Swan Offspring l. Castor and Pollux (Polydeuces) 2. Helen and Clytemnestra Hera's jealousy Zeus' epiphany Birth of Dionysus VI. Ganymede A. B. C. Son of Tros Carried away by Eagle Cupbearer to the gods VII. Other Unions A. Metis —— Athena Mnemosyne —— Muses Themis —— Horae (Eunomia, Dike, Eirene), Fates Eurynome —— Graces Leto —- Apollo and Artemis Dione —— Aphrodite Thetis — Hera -— Ares, Hebe, Eileithyia "Hera and the Preservation of Marital Order" I. Was Hera a Great Mother Goddess? A. Independence of her cult at Argos and Samos B. Parthenogenesis of Hephaestus and Typhon C. Connection with Eileithyia D. Cattle association E. Etymology of her name F. Later submergence into the Olympian pantheon II. Rituals of Hera A. Greater Daedala/Lesser Daedala l. procession from Plataea to Mt. Cithaeron 2. sacrifice and conflagration 3. etiological myth B. Samian Tonaia l. ritual bathing and binding of cult statue 2. interpretation: spring fertility rite or marriage ceremony? i l s 3 ‘» ...
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Lecture Outlines 1-3 - "Zeus" I. Establishment of...

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