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MIDTERM REVIEW FOR FINAL MAJOR GODS: Uranus : The sky and the God of the Sky. The father of all Greek gods and the most ancient Greek god. He is the Son/Husband of Gaia. She bore him 12 Titans, 3 Cyclopes, 3 Hundred-Handed ones, Giants, and Furies. He imprisoned all his children inside of Gaia. Gaia gave her youngest, Cronus, a sickle to castrate his father. Uranus came at evening to lie upon Ge and Cronus castrated him and flung his severed parts into the sea. From the foam came Aphrodite and the blood that fell upon the earth made giants and the furies. He is the personification of the Heaven. The Creators Ge/Gaia: The Goddess of Earth. Mother/wife of Uranus. She persuaded Cronus to castrate Uranus because she hated his tyranny. Her children were imprisoned inside of her. She is depicted as the creation. Cronus: The youngest Titan. He castrated his father and then he became Ruler of the golden age. He freed all of his brothers/sisters but soon after he was paranoid and reimprisoned the hundred-handed and the cyclopes. He and Rhea became king and queen of the universe. He gave birth to 6 children: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. He was once again paranoid and devoured all of his children whole, except for Zeus. They were all trapped inside of Cronus. He and Zeus went to war for mount Olympus and lost. Later he became king of the island of blessed. Cronus is the representation of the fertility of the Earth. Titans : There are 12 Titans. A race of powerful deities born from Ge and Uranus: Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Crius, Lapetus, Mnemosyne, Tethys, Theia, Phobe, Rhea, and Themis, Cronus, Iapetus. The first-born children and the second generation of Gods. They represent the primitive. Prometheus : “forethought” - A champion (benefactor) of mankind. He created mankind out of clay. He deceived Zeus into eating the bone and fat of a cow, saving the good red meat for mankind. Zeus punishes the humans by taking away their fire so they can eat raw meat. Prometheus stole fire to give to men and was punished. Hephaestus nailed him to a cliff and was tortured for 30,000 years. Prometheus represents the prefigure of Christ. Zeus : The king of Greek Gods. Husband of Hera and Father of many beings. He is the judge of all things. Upholds justice. He battle Cronus as an idea of new revolution. Zeus is a sexual conqueror of women. Hera: God of childbirth and marriage. She upholds the institution of marriage. Punishes the extramarital lovers and offspring of Zeus. Hestia: The hearth, and the goddess of the hearth. Hestia, whom the Romans called
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Vesta, was the eldest child of Cronus and Rhea. She was the guardian of the hearth and its fire, and therefore the patroness of household activities in general. By extension, she came to be regarded as the guardian of the home, the family, and the community – the larger family. Vesta was worshipped in even so large a state as Rome as mother of the city. At festivals she was invoked first of all the gods. She had, and needed, few
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