Other gods - Midterm study guide (other gods) Medusa: One...

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Midterm study guide (other gods) Medusa : One of the three snaky-haired monsters known as the Gorgons. In late versions, she is sad to have once been a beautiful maiden. Pursued by many suitors, she would have none of them, until Poseidon lay with her in a flowery field. She incurred the enmity of Athena because Medusa had yields to Poseidon in Athena’s shrine. The goddess turned Medusa’s hair into serpents and made her face so hideous that a glimpse of it would turn men to stone. Athena helped Perseus to behead Medusa, and he alter gave her the head to wear in the center of her armor. From Medusa’s neck sprang the warrior Chrysaor and the winged horse Pegasus. Psyche: Her loveliness became so famous that everywhere people stopped worshipping at the shrines of Aphrodite. Annoyed, the goddess called on her son Eros to avenge her by making Psyche fall in love with some wretch without rank or reputation. Psyche in the meanwhile was regretting the beauty that made eligible males worship her instead of courting her, and her father was beginning to fear the anger of the dogs at his daughter’s fame. Psyche was taken to to a hilltop where she was left alone, and she wandered inside a flowery wood where in the darkness was comforted by her “husband” who she could not see for several. He discouraged her from inviting her sisters. Her sisters did see her, and one night Psyche lit a lantern to see and find out it was Cupid! Cupid left and Aphrodite got mad so made Psyche do several tasks that she accomplished with help. Later on, Psyche and Cupid married. A daughter of Cecrops and Agraulis. Herse and her sister, also named Agraulus, betrayed Athena’s trust by spying on Erichthonius. Later Herse was loved by Hermes and, though the envious Agraulus tried to bar the god from her chamber, she bore him a son, Cephalus. Ariadne: A daughter of Minos. When Theseus came to Crete with the other intended victims of the Minotaur, Ariadne fell in love with him and helped him to scape from the Labyrinth after he had killed the monster. As he had sworn to do, Theseus took her with him, but left her on the island of Dia. He may simply have deserted her or Dionysus may have kidnaped her or taken her by force. If she was abandoned, she committed suicide or was found and married by Dionysus. Hermaphroditus:
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Other gods - Midterm study guide (other gods) Medusa: One...

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