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Structure of Bacchae - his chains and ruins the palace with...

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The Structure of Euripides’ Bacchae Prologue (1-63): Dionysus – the god comes to Thebes, seeking to establish his cult. Parodos (64-169): the chorus of Bacchae praises the worship of Dionysus First Episode (170-369): Teiresias, Cadmus, Pentheus – the two old men dress up in Bacchic costume in order to join the worship, but are ridiculed by King Pentheus. First Stasimon (370-433): the powers of Dionysus Second Episode (434-519): Attendant, Pentheus, Dionysus – the captures Dionysus is brought in and interrogated by Pentheus Second Stasimon (520-575): the places which honor and dishonor Dionysus Third Episode (576-861): Dionysus, Pentheus, Messenger – Dionysus escapes from
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Unformatted text preview: his chains and ruins the palace with an earthquake; the Messenger reports the doings of the women on Cithaeron; Dionysus persuades Pentheus to dress in female garb and spy on them Third Stasimon (862-911): the joy of the Bacchae, and the sureness of divine retribution Fourth Episode (912-976): Dionysus, Pentheus – the set out for Cithaeron Fourth Stasimon (977-1021): the justice of divine punishment Exodos (1022-1394): Messenger, Agave & Cadmus (later), Dionysus (still later) The messenger reports Pentheus’ dismemberment at the hands of the women; Agave comes to recognize what she has done....
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