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Mythology Study Guide Quiz 3 1) Phoebus: A title of Apollo. This epithet (The Bright One) was often prefixed to the god’s name. It may have played a part in the tendency to identify Apollo with the sun. 2) Leto: Daughter of Titans Coeus and Phoebe. Chased by the dragon Python who was sent by Hera due to her jealousy. Hera then declared she could not have her baby anywhere on earth so Poseidon took her to the island of Delos since it was a floating island and it had no actual place on earth. She had Artemis and Apollo there. 3) Delos: The birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Also home of Anius the priest-king. 4) Delphi: An oracle where humans and gods would turn to for answers and help. That is where Io’s father went to get advice when she was having dreams of Zeus. 5) Python: A monstrous snake/dragon that lived at Delphi. When Hera bore the monster Typhoeus, she gave him to the dragoness to rear. Apollo came to Delphi to establish his oracle there and killed the snake. He then established the Pythian Games in its honor. 6) Pythian Games: Much like the Olympic Games, but included music talent as well. It was established after Apollo killed Python when he wanted to establish his oracle at Delphi. 7) Niobe: She boasted her children were the more beautiful than Leto (Apollo and Artemis’ mother) so Apollo and Artemis killed them, or all but two. She went home and turned into a stone on Mount Siplylus where she went on weeping. 8) Coronis: See Asclepius
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9) Asclepius: A god of healing. A mortal who was a son of Apollo. Those who live where the center of his cult was say his mother was Coronis. Coronis had exposed her baby out of not wanting to be discovered and a centaur found the baby and taught it how to heal. Asclepius decided to revive the dead with the help of Athena who had given him Gorgon’s blood. Zeus found raising the dead dangerous and killed Asclepius. Apollo then avenged him and killed the Cyclopes (makers of Zeus’ thunderbolts). Apollo then spent a year as a servant to a mortal for a year as punishment. 10)Epidaurus: Founder and eponym of the city of that name. The city is on the Saronic coast of Argolis. It was the home of Periphetes, the brutal bandit killed by Theseus. It is also the birthplace and cult center of Asclepius. 11)Admetus: Apollo had been his server when Zeus punished him and since he was so kind to Apollo, he doubled his cattle and was forever grateful. Admetus wanted to marry Alcestis so he got help from Apollo. Alcestis’ father demanded that a suitor must yoke two beasts to a chariot. Apollo did it for him and so Admetus got to marry Alcestis. He unfortunately forgot to sacrifice to Artemis and thank her so she punished them by filling the bridal room with snakes. He then sacrificed to her. Later on, he was to die of illness, but Apollo told him he would not die if he could find someone who would die in place of him. He asked his parents, but they refused. His wife then decided to die for him. 12)Alcestis: Eldest daughter of Pelias. She could not bring herself to take
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study guide 3 - M ythology Study Guide Quiz 3 1 Phoebus A...

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