study quiz 1 - M ythology Study Guide Quiz#1 Chaos The void...

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Mythology Study Guide Quiz #1 Chaos : The void was the first thing to appear at the creation of the universe. It is not clear how the Greeks conceived Chaos, which was not in existence from the first, but came into being. Out of Chaos, or together with it, came Gaia (Earth), Tartarus, and Eros (Love). Chaos bore Darkness and Night. At times Chaos was thought of as a part of the Underworld. Ge/Gaia : The earth, and the goddess of the earth. According to Hesiod, Ge, together with Tartarus and Eros, was born from Chaos or at the same time. Without a mate she bore Uranus (Sky), Ourea (Mountains), and Pontus (Sea). Then, marrying Uranus, she bore the Titans, the Cyclopes, and the Hundred-Handed. Her children were kept in her body by Uranus and had her youngest child Cronus castrate him. Ge bore two different children to attack Zeus when he defeated Cronus, Typhus and the Giants. Uranus: The sky and the god of the sky. The first son of Ge. He married her and she bore him the Hundred-Handed, the Cyclopes, and the Titans. He imprisoned them inside of her and he was castrated by the youngest, Cronus. The foam that formed around his genitals in the sea created Aphrodite. The blood that fell upon the earth spawned the Erinyes, the Giants and the Meliae. He was the first personification of the sky. Titans: The firstborn children of Uranus and Ge. According to Hesiod, they were Oceanus, god of the river of that name; Hyperion, a sun-god; Themis and Rhea, both earth-goddesses; Tethys, who was perhaps a sea-goddess; Mnemosyne, a personification of memory; and Coeüs, Crius, Theia, and Phoebe, whose specific function are not clear. The youngest Titan was Cronus, the boldest. He castrated his father for Ge and thus overthrew Uranus with the help of Zeus. The Titans who supported Cronus were thrown into Tartarus and imprisoned there forever under the guard of the Hundred-Handed. Cyclopes: Monster, each with one eye in the center of his forehead. The three original Cyclopes – Arges, Brontes, and Steropes or Pyracmon – were born to Uranus and Ge after the Titans. They were imprisoned by Uranus in Tartarus. They were freed by the Titans, but again imprisoned by Cronus. Zeus released them and they became the forgers of his thunderbolts. They continued to do so until Apollo killed them. Hundred-handed : Three giants, each with fifty heads and one hundred arms. They were named Briareüs, Gyes, and Cottus, were the most terrible of all the
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children of Uranus and Ge. They were hidden in Ge. After their brother Cronus castrated Uranus, Uranus imprisoned the Hundred-handed in Tartarus with the Cyclopes. Ge induced Zeus to release both in order to help him fight against the Titans. They became the guards of Tartarus after the Titans were imprisoned there. They were thought to be personification or spirits of violent natural phenomena
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study quiz 1 - M ythology Study Guide Quiz#1 Chaos The void...

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