study quiz 2 - Mythology Study Guide Quiz 2 Thetis A...

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Unformatted text preview: Mythology Study Guide Quiz 2 Thetis : A daughter rof Nereus and Doris. Poseidon , Hera, and Athena once rebelled against Zeus and would have bound him had not Thetis called up the handred-handed giant Briareus from Taratus to rescue him. Thetis or Prometheus warned Zeusa that any son of Thetis would surpass his father, or that if Zeus had a son by Thetis he would one day rule in Olympus. Thetis is possibly from the Trojans since she convinced Zeus to give them victory over the Greeks. Nereids : Sea nymphs. The fifty Nereids were daughters of the sea-god Nereus and Doris. Only three of them and Galatea have significant myths. Thetis often appears as thei unofficial leader. She directed their efforts to aid Dionysus when he was persuaded into the sea by Lycurgus and to conduct the Argo through dangerous waters. In general they seem to have been amiable nymphs, though their complaint to Poseidon that Cassiopeia had boasted of being more beautiful than they resulted in the god’s sending a sea-monster to ravage the land of Cepheus. Nereus: Son of Pontus (Sea) and Ge (Earth), may have had considereable importance before Poseidon became the ruling sea-god. He was the father, by Oceanid Doris, of the fifty sea-nymphs the Nereids. Like other sea-deities, he had prophetic powers and also the ability to change his shape. Heracles led to his home by the Nymphs captured him sleeping. He bound him and refused to release him until he released the whereabouts of the garden of the Hesperides. Oceanids : Daughteres of Oceanus and Tethys. The sons of Oceanus, the river that surrounds the earth, were appropriately enough, river-gods. His three thousand daughters seem not to have been confined to any one function. Some, notably Amphitrite and Doris, lived in the sea, like their mothers. Styx, the eldest, was that rare thing a female river- deity. Metis is said to have changed her shape. Calypso was an island nymph, Europa and Asia gave their names to areas of land, Urania presumably had heavenly connections. Together they were all guardians of youths. Proteus : Was Poseidon’s sealherd. When Menelaus was stranded Pharos on his war to Sparta, a nymph named Eidothea took pity on him and explained how he might force her prophetic father, Proteus, to reveal to him what he must do to reach Sparta again. Menelaus followed her advice. Disguised as seals, he and three companions waited for Proteus to emerge from the sea at noon to count his flock of seals and rest with them in a sea-cave. As soon the the old man was asleep, they bound him and would not let him go. Proteus finally reassumed his own form after transforming into many different things and consented to give Menelaus the information needed....
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study quiz 2 - Mythology Study Guide Quiz 2 Thetis A...

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