The Iliad - Book XIV – Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to...

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The Iliad Book I – Calchas declares that Chryseis must be returned to Chryses. Agamemnon and Chilles quarrel; Agamemnon seizes Briseis. Theis supplicates Zeus. Zeus and Hera quarrel. Book II – Agamemnon tests the troops’ loyalty. Thersites rebukes Agamemnon and the Greek leaders. Catalogue of Chips Book III – Duel of Menelaus and Paris Book IV – Pandarus breaks the truce. Book V – Aristeia of Diomedes. Book VI – Encounter of Diomedes and Glaucus. Book VII – Further battle scenes. Book VIII – Further battle scenes. Book IX – Embassy to Achieses: 1. Speech of Odysseus 2. Speech of Phoenix 3. Speech of Ajax (Aias) Book X – Odysseus and Diomedes capture the Trojan spy Dolon. He tells them of the horses of Rhemus. Book XI – Aristeia of Agamemnon. Major Greek heroes are wounded. Achilles send Patroclus to investigate. Book XII – The Greeks’ defensive wall is breached.
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Book XIII – Aristeia of Idomeneus.
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Unformatted text preview: Book XIV – Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to sleep. Poseidon intervenes on behalf of the Greeks. Book XV – Zeus wakes up and is furious. Hector sets fire to one of the Greek ships.l Book XVI – Achilles follows Patroclus to wear his armor and reenter the battle. Aristeia of Patroclus. Death of Sarpedon. Death of Patroclus. Book XVII – Battle over the corpse of Patroclus. Horse of Achilles. Book XVIII – Achilles’ grief. Thetis seeks new armor from Hephaestus. The shield of Achilles. Book XIX – Formal reconciliation of Achilles and Agamemnon. Odysseus’ proposal that the troops eat before battle. Book XX – Achilles reenters battle. Book XXI – Achilles kills Lycaon. The river Scamander floods to cleanse the plain. The battle of the gods. Book XXII – Achilles slays Hector. Book XXIII – Funeral games for Patroclus. Book XXIV – Priam ransoms the corpse of Hector....
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The Iliad - Book XIV – Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to...

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