The Iliad - Book XIV Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to...

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The Iliad Book I – Calchas declares that Chryseis must be returned to Chryses. Agamemnon and Chilles quarrel; Agamemnon seizes Briseis. Theis supplicates Zeus. Zeus and Hera quarrel. Book II – Agamemnon tests the troops’ loyalty. Thersites rebukes Agamemnon and the Greek leaders. Catalogue of Chips Book III – Duel of Menelaus and Paris Book IV – Pandarus breaks the truce. Book V – Aristeia of Diomedes. Book VI – Encounter of Diomedes and Glaucus. Book VII – Further battle scenes. Book VIII – Further battle scenes. Book IX – Embassy to Achieses: 1. Speech of Odysseus 2. Speech of Phoenix 3. Speech of Ajax (Aias) Book X – Odysseus and Diomedes capture the Trojan spy Dolon. He tells them of the horses of Rhemus. Book XI – Aristeia of Agamemnon. Major Greek heroes are wounded. Achilles send Patroclus to investigate. Book XII – The Greeks’ defensive wall is breached.
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Book XIII – Aristeia of Idomeneus.
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Unformatted text preview: Book XIV Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to sleep. Poseidon intervenes on behalf of the Greeks. Book XV Zeus wakes up and is furious. Hector sets fire to one of the Greek ships.l Book XVI Achilles follows Patroclus to wear his armor and reenter the battle. Aristeia of Patroclus. Death of Sarpedon. Death of Patroclus. Book XVII Battle over the corpse of Patroclus. Horse of Achilles. Book XVIII Achilles grief. Thetis seeks new armor from Hephaestus. The shield of Achilles. Book XIX Formal reconciliation of Achilles and Agamemnon. Odysseus proposal that the troops eat before battle. Book XX Achilles reenters battle. Book XXI Achilles kills Lycaon. The river Scamander floods to cleanse the plain. The battle of the gods. Book XXII Achilles slays Hector. Book XXIII Funeral games for Patroclus. Book XXIV Priam ransoms the corpse of Hector....
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The Iliad - Book XIV Hera seduces Zeus and lulls him to...

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