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Unformatted text preview: The purchase of my cell phone was the last time that I was dissatisfied with something that I bought. It wasnt exactly recent, just over a year ago. I usually do a lot of research before making my purchases, so I am not usually caught off guard. When the Droid phones first came out, they were very hyped. I saw commercials, print ads, online ads, etc. It was supposed to be better than an iPhone, with all of these capabilities. So, I bought one. I didnt do any research. I saw it was on sale and just went down to Best Buy, signed a new contract and got my new phone. At first, coming from having just a regular cell phone, I was amazed by all of its capabilities. I could go on Facebook, download apps, get notifications of new email. Well, then I started using it. I would sometimes spend 5 or 6 minutes just trying to get the phone function to open up and dial, I would not get text messages, etc. The firms promotion made it sound like it was the greatest thing EVER. That was the furthest from the truth. I now know that part of it was it was it was the greatest thing EVER....
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