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Week2-Homework_MBancroft - T he Family Life Cycle is a...

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The Family Life Cycle is a classification of where a consumer is as far as their stage of life. This is used for segmentation by marketers. The reason it is used in marketing is certain stages in the life cycle make you more likely to use or buy certain products and services. This can be based on age, relationship status, whether you have children or not, and if you, do how old they are. The stage I am using is couple with young children. Chrysler Town & Country mini-vans are marketed to this stage. They market the safety features that come standard, which is an appealing idea to a couple with small children to worry about. Happy Baby/Happy Tot Organic baby food is also marketed to this stage. Babies have to eat, right? There are commercials that talk about where the mom that started this company got the idea. They talk about where the fruits and vegetables come from and where they got the idea for the unique packaging. As a mom of two young children, I like knowing where the food I feed my children comes from. I also like that the packaging is more environmentally friendly than some other baby food brands’ packaging. Huggies diapers also markets to this stage of the Family Cycle. People that have children need diapers. There are a lot of different diapering options out there these days, so competition is fierce. Each company is always trying to outdo the others with boating of superior leak protection, ultimate comfort for baby, and of course, affordability. This stage of the Family Cycle might also be marketed to by Shutterfly.com. This website specializes in design of products using your photos. This is
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