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Abnormal Psych Quiz 1 - Abnormal Psych Quiz 1-Hypocrites...

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Abnormal Psych- Quiz 1 1/19/11 - Hypocrites 400 BC first to recognize emotions have mental source - People believed those who were mentally ill were possessed by demons - Trephining belief that the skull had possessed by evil spirits and if you opened up skull spirits would go away - People in bible were mentally ill (those that were healed) - First treatment centers that were humane are similar to spas today (hot springs, diet, played music) - Few centuries concept of being possessed continues some were burned at stake or imprisoned. If they didn’t bother they were left alone - 1700s hospitals were beginning to be created. England Bedlam was created - Many state hospitals were created in 1800s Preserved as castles - Late 1800s mental illness began to be studies and treated The hospitals grew to thousands - Not until 1950s first neurotropic medicine, it was quickly abused. Thomasine - Shock treatments, didn’t know why it worked and was abused Now it is a valid treatment - Thousand of treatments now Video- Discovering Psychology - Psychopathology is the study of mental illness, mental distress and abnormal, maladaptive behavior. The term is most commonly used within psychiatry where pathology refers to disease processes. - 20% of all American suffer from some form of mental disorder - Psychologist, psychiatrist observe criteria for mental disorder - We need to classify because knowing what type of disorder helps plan treatment, to know if people can stand trial, study, and provide payments for insurance - Until recently disorders were treated poorly and chained Philippe Penile the mentally ill are sick people and suffering is due to humanity - Madness were those who challenged status queue or was different - David Rosenhan- pretended they heard voices and were admitted to mental hospital and once in acted sane admitted as paranoia schizophrenia and left as paranoia schizophrenia remission - They were hardly talked to, people were treated as if problem not human but animal - Some people are miss-diagnosed - Diagnosis is much more intense today than it was, patients outnumbered staff - Three majors- anxiety, mood, schizophrenia - Anxiety- dizziness, tension, something bad is about to happen, our anxiety become phobia when consistent fears persist. - Freud studied phobias as neurosis, infantile things repressed - Affective disorders- great disturbances of mood
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- Manic episode of optimism with depressive episodes - Psychotic disorders lose touch with reality and often hospitality -Schizophrenia sick on and off through life, break with reality, false beliefs, grandeur - Disease of body but the brain is the thing affected - Abnormality of brain by tissue disorder play role in abnormal - Tory and Gothsmen research with twins show genetic path of schizophrenia, measuring brain structure and function in identical twins; one group both have it, one group only one has it, on group non have it - Speck analysis the way blood flows to the brain - Every case where one twin has it and the other doesn’t there are differences, larger ventricles.
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