Abnormal Psych- Quiz 3 - A bnormal Psych Quiz 3 Quiz 3 on...

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Abnormal Psych- Quiz 3 2/16/11 Quiz 3 on March 2 nd will be based solely on the personality disorder chapter Personality Disorders - Personality disorders, a character disorder, is a class of behaviors characterized by rigid and on-going patterns of though and behaviors which often get in the way of personal functioning in many situations - In the past, these were called neurotic o Neurotic no longer used in DSM Ego Defense Mechanisms - All become problem when continuous - Compensation- covering up weakness by emphasizing desirable trait or making up for frustration in one area by over gratification in another o Building on strength - Denial of reality- protecting self from unpleasant reality by refusal to perceive it o Common in death of a loved one - Displacement- discharging pent-up feelings, usually of hostility, on objects less dangerous than those which initially aroused the emotion o “Kick the dog” - Emotional insulation- withdrawing into passivity to protect self from being emotionally hurt o Indulge themselves in self-medication on drugs like alcohol - Fantasy- gratifying frustrated desires in imaginary achievements (“daydreaming”) - Identification- increasing feelings of worth by identifying self with person or institution of illustrious standing o Being a die hard sooner fan, or a teenagers obsession with teen throb
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- Introjections- incorporating external values and standards into ego structure so in individual is not at the mercy of them as external threats o Believing in something so much - Isolation- cutting the emotional charge from hurtful situations or separating incompatible attitudes by logic-tight compartments (compartmentalization) o People with ideologies and not being open to other peoples view, and therefore isolation from those who are different than ourselves - Projection- placing blame for one’s difficulties upon others, or attributing one’s own unethical desires to others o Jealousy- projecting own desires onto the partner - Rationalization- attempting to prove that one’s behavior is “rational;” and justifiable as thus worthy of the approval of self and others o Fundamental attribution error o Protect owns ego - Reaction formation- preventing dangerous desires from being expressed by endorsing opposing attitudes and types of behavior and using them as barriers - Regression- retreating to earlier developmental level involving less mature responses and usually a lower level of aspiration - Repression- preventing painful or dangerous thoughts from entering consciousness - Sublimation- gratifying or working off frustrated sexual desires - Undoing Definition of Personality Disorder - An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectation of the culture of the
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Abnormal Psych- Quiz 3 - A bnormal Psych Quiz 3 Quiz 3 on...

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