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Isik University Mechanical Engineering Department Sile, Istanbul, Turkey Course Identification Semester Spring/2011 Course Number ME 427 Course Title Introduction to Robotics Lecture Hours Thursday 2-2:50, 3-3:50, 4-4:50 Tutorial Hour -------- Instructor Information Instructor Assist. Prof. Dr. Saad Yasin Contact Information Mechanical Engineering Department Office: DK309 Phone: 528-7127 Email: [email protected] Office Hours (TENATIVE) Tuesday 10-12 M 10-12 T 10-11 TH 10-11, F 10-11 Required/Elective : Required Pre-requisite: ME241 Prerequisite by Topic: Prior knowledge of linear algebra and elementary dynamics is essential. Students who have not taken linear algebra will have a very difficult time in the course. A formal computer science course is not a strict necessity, but students are required to write computer programs in a high- level language or MATLAB. The portion of the course dealing with robot control assumes a background in Laplace transforms.
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Isik University Mechanical Engineering Department Sile, Istanbul, Turkey Catalog Description: This course is an introduction into robotics as used in modern industry. Coordinate configurations, control systems, drive systems, and various methods of programming will be studied. Learning the basic concepts in the area of robotics dealing with mechanical manipulation by serial architecture manipulators, which includes the following topics: Mechanics (Statics and dynamics) 2D and 3D Kinematics (Motion description) , Hardware (motors, sensors, mechanical links and joints) , Control (processors, drivers, control algorithms) , Computer Science (programming) , Path / motion planning , Practical Examples and applications will also be studied. Textbook/ Required Material: Introduction to Robotics , John J. Craig, Addison-Wesley Publishing, Inc., 1989. Course Structure/ Schedule : (3+0+0)3/6 ECTS References 1. Fundamentals of Robotics: Analysis and Control Robert J. Schilling Prentice-Hall 2. Robot Motion Planning , J.C. Latombe, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991 3. Introduction to Robotics, Analysis, Systems, Applications ”, by S. B. Niku, Prentice Hall, 2001. 4.
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me427courseoutlinesm - Isik University Mechanical...

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