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hsm260_appendix_c - House(if owned Furniture 4,500 Auto(if...

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AXIA COLLEGE MATERIAL: APPENDIX C INDIVIDUAL STATEMENT OF EARNINGS 200X Revenue Pay Check 3,810 Interest 0 Total Revenue 3,810 Expenses Rent or Mortgage 800 Utilities 279 Gas 260 Telephone 170 Food 400 Other 625 Total Expenses 2,534 Excess revenues of expenses 1,276 BALANCE SHEET ASSETS Current assets Cash 5,221 Investments Prepaid rent and deposits 800 Total Current Assets 6,021 Property and equipment, net
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Unformatted text preview: House (if owned) Furniture 4,500 Auto (if owned) Total property and equipment 4,500 TOTAL ASSETS 10,521 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Current liabilities Credit Card Balance 250 Total current liabilities 250 School Loan 6,500 House Loan Car Loan 24,000 Total liabilities 31,000 NET ASSETS (20,479) Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 10,521...
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