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TODAY’S MENU: Thursday 12 May 2011 EXAM: 120 minutes, 50 questions RULE HIGHLIGHTS 1. ONLY ALLOWABLE MATERIALS: No. 2 pencil, eraser, highlighter, small scantron, LSU student ID. 2. ALL OTHER MATERIALS —calculators, cell phones, notes, etc.— ARE FORBIDDEN . Place them in a closed bag or backpack and place that under your seat. 3. PRINT ON SCANTRON: YOUR NAME AND THE TEST
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Unformatted text preview: ONLY 4. NO TALKING after the exams begin to be distributed. 5. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD THAT YOU MAY — Read the rules on the coversheet, fill in required information, and DO NOT turn that page until the exam begins. 6. WHEN FINISHED TURN IN EXAM AND SCANTRON AT THE APPROPRIATE TABLE. Post-final office hours: Monday, 16 May, 8:00-10:30 AM...
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