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hw3 - definition 1 For all w = xy in B the number of in x...

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CS 4114, Assignment 3 1. Let G = (V, Sigma, P, S) be a grammar that generates the set B of all balanced parenthesis nests using production rules of the following form: 1) S --> (S) 2) S --> SS 3) S --> Lambda Prove by induction on the length of a derivation that L(G) = B. Hint: First you need to define what is meant by a balanced parenthesis nest. Here is one possible
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Unformatted text preview: definition: 1) For all w = xy in B, the number of ( in x is always greater or equal to the number of ) in x 2) The number of ( in w equals the number of ) in w. The following problems are from Sudkamp, 3rd Edition. Please show all your work! * Pp. 98-99: 7-9, 15-16, 19, 29, 40-41 NOTE: Your problem solutions are due at 5:00 pm of the date on scholar....
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