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CS 4114, Assignment 4 The following problems are from Sudkamp, 3rd Edition. Please show all your work! Pp. 100: 32, 35, 36 Pp. 568: 2 For the following problems attempt a parse of the given string using the grammar on p. 556. Show only the first 12 snapshots of the stack or queue. If the string is in the language, give the derivation
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Unformatted text preview: constructed by the parser. Note that production rule 2 should be A T. BF-TD parse of (b) + b - Algorithm 18.2.1 DF-TD parse of ((b)) BF-BU parse of (b) + b - Algorithm 18.4.1 BF-BU parse of (b)) - Algorithm 18.4.1 DF-BU parse of (b) + b NOTE: Your problem solutions are due at 5:00 pm....
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