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CS 4114, Assignment 7 1 - Construct a state table for the minimal DFA equivalent to the NFA in Example 5.5.2 on page 167. Relabel the states to make your table neat. 2 - Construct a minimal DFA that accepts the regular expression ((b + c)* bb* (a + c)* ba (b + c)* )* + (bc)* and relabel the states to make your table neat. 3 - Construct regular grammars for the languages accepted by the NFAs shown in Sudkamp 40 a, b, and c on p. 188. 4 - Construct an NFA that accepts the language generated by the regular grammar with the
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Unformatted text preview: production rules S --> aS | bA | c | λ A --> aA | bA | bB B --> bA | bB | aC | c C --> aB | cS | aC | λ • 5 -Sudkamp, Problem 4, p. 217. • 6 -Sudkamp, Problem 11, a and b, p. 218. Show how to build the required DFAs and prove that your method works. • 7 -Sudkamp, Problem 14 b, d, and e, p. 218. Remember, what has to be shown is that there is no way to pick the substrings so that the Pumping Lemma is satisfied. NOTE: Your problem solutions are due at 5:00 of the due date....
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