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Case study Group 3 [Chapter 8]-1 - Coordination in...

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Unformatted text preview: Coordination in high­tech companies 5/12/11 Key headlines (1) High­tech companies Example: ABB, Honeywell, Siemens Job: Professional skills + capabilities = Technology adapted into system 5/12/11 Key headline (2) More job Example: system installation, sales and marketing Personal interaction and information exchange: Company Customer 5/12/11 Key headlines(3) Intra­firm coordination Sales and service Product management Marketing 5/12/11 Q1. Using Figure 8.3, itemize the interactions and flows of information involving sales personnel. 5/12/11 Figure 8.3 Intra­firm communication pulp industry Customers energy industry management Production and R&D researc h labs engineering Communicat m centr interaction flow of moderate intensity ions es5/12/11 information Manager Paper Sales and service and industry account service maintenance manager project sales personnel manager personnel application System marketing developmendevelopment communicatio t Product ns Itemize the interactions Sales personnel Project manager Account manager customer 5/12/11 The details for the interaction The project manager : Carrying out projects once the sales personnel have negotiated contract with the costomers The account manager : Coordinating this contract with costomer and for marketing interaction The sales personnel : Initiate new relationship 5/12/11 Flow of information Sales personnel Application development Service and maintenance personnel 5/12/11 Q.2 How can we distinguish between the roles of the account managers and of sales personnel in this 5/12/11 Sales personnel Initiating new relationships and negotiating new products with customers. representing the supplier augmenting the supplier’s product with technical know­how and expertise maintaining customers data feeding back it to account manager and project manager Supported by the product management group match the offering with the need 5/12/11 Account manager Collecting feedback information about customers Coordinating contact Composing these feedback and reporting to project managers Making interaction with the systems supplier 5/12/11 If there any scope for conflict here? 5/12/11 NO. complement Similarities conflict Communicate to project manager Interaction with customers 5/12/11 Communicate to project manager Difference Sales personnel : Win contracts Account manager: Coordinate contracts 5/12/11 Interaction with customers But: Intensity is different Sales personnel : Moderate “ Win new contract Account manager: High � Initiate new relationship 5/12/11 Measure to reduce conflict Internal information sharing Communication 5/12/11 END 5/12/11 ...
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