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Unformatted text preview: Theory of Probability – Monday Section 11.04.2011 Quiz-2 1. A large industrial firm purchases several new word processors at the end of each year, the exact number depending on the frequency of repairs in the previous year. Suppose that the number of word processors, X, that are purchased each year has the following probability distribution: x p(x) 0 1/10 1 3/10 2 2/5 3 1/5 If the cost of the desired model will remain fixed at $1200 throughout this year and a discount of 50X2 dollars is credited toward any purchase, how much can this firm expect to spend on new word processors at the end of this year? Solution: Let Y = 1200X – 50X 2 be the amount spent. x y p(y) E[Y ] = 0 0 1/10 1 1150 3/10 2 2200 2/5 3 3150 1/5 = (0)(1/10) + (1150)(3/10) + (2200)(2/5)+(3150)(1/5) = $1855. 2. Let X and Y be continuous random variables with joint density function where c is a constant. What is the value of c? Solution: c = 0,05. ...
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