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Theory of Probability Tuesday Section 08.03.2011 Quiz-1 1. The letters in the word MISSISSIPPI will be used to form 11 letter words. What is the probability that the first I comes before the first P? Solution: Assume that there is an urn with 11 balls in it. Each ball has a letter of MISSISSIPPI written on it. So, there are 4 Is, 4 Ss , 2 Ps and one M. Let E : The event that a ball with I on it is selected from the urn F : The event that a ball with P on it is selected from the urn The remaining letters are not considered as they don’t affect this probability.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A particular class has had a history of low attendance. The annoyed professor decides that she will not lecture unless at least k of the n students enrolled in the class are present. Each student will independently show up with probability p g if the weather is good, and with probability p b if the weather is bad. Given the probability of bad weather on a given day as p , calculate the probability that the professor will teach her class on that day. Solution: Let A be the event that the professor teaches her class, and let B be the event that the weather is bad....
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