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Fabian Lab # vectors - Fabian Pescador Algebra Physics 1...

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Fabian Pescador Algebra Physics 1 Dr. Joseph Sabutis Force Table and Vector Addition of Forces
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Objective: To show that forces are vector quantities and must be added up according to the law of vector addition. Theory: Vectors are quantities that have both magnitude and direction and follow specific rules of combination. Two of these rules are the commutative and associative laws of addition. The graphical method will be used to verify this rule. In this lab, a force table will be used to check the graphical and component methods of vector addition. The table is a circular steel table that has the angles 0 o to 360 o inscribed on the edge. To use the force table, pulleys are placed at the angles specified by the force cards, with the strings attached to the center ring running over the pulleys. Masses are placed on weight hangers attached to the end of the strings to provide the force needed. By adding the vectors, the resultant vector is found. To balance the force table, however, a force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction must counter-balance the
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Fabian Lab # vectors - Fabian Pescador Algebra Physics 1...

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