Human_anp_lab_3 - is known as differential, or selective,...

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Introduction The cell, the structural and functional unit of all living things, is a complex entity. The cells of the human body are highly body are highly diverse, and their differences in size, shape and internal composition reflect their specific roles in the body. All cell maintain their boundaries, metabolize, digest nutrients and dispose of wastes, grow and reproduce, move and respond to a stimulus. Cells have three major regions, or parts, that can readily be identified with a light microscope: the nucleus, the plasma membrane, and the cytoplasm. The plasma membrane separates cell contents from the surrounding environment. The molecular composition of the plasma membrane allows it to be selective about what passes through it. It allows nutrients to enter the cell but keeps out undesirable substances. This property
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Unformatted text preview: is known as differential, or selective, permeability. Materials • Microscope • Software • Histological Slides Methods The teaching assistant provided the histological slides to us. We got microscopes from the rack to view the slides. For the second part of the lab, the computers that had the software for the lab were right in front of us. The teaching assistant guided us through the whole procedure. Results Attached at the end. Discussion We were able to understand the basic and vital parts of a cell. We located ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, and other parts in a cell. Also, the software was very helpful and thorough. We came to know that a cell transports various materials in and out through membranes....
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Human_anp_lab_3 - is known as differential, or selective,...

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