Human_anp_lab_7 - fibrous cartilaginous and synovial joints...

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Introduction A human fetus about to be born has 275 bones, many more than the 206 bones found in the adult skeleton. This is because many of the bones described as single bones in the adult skeleton have not yet full ossified and fused in the fetus. Indentations between the bones of the fetal skull, called fontanels, are fibrous membranes. These areas will become will become bony as the fetus ages, completing the process by the age of 20 to 22 months. The fontanels allow the fetal skull to be compressed slightly during birth and also allow for brain growth during late fetal life. Articulations, or joints, perform two the rigid skeletal system some flexibility so that gross body movements can occur. Joints may be classified structurally or functionally. The structural classification is based on the presence of connective tissue fiber, cartilage, or a joint cavity between the articulating bones. Structurally, there are
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Unformatted text preview: fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial joints. The functional classification focuses on the amount of movement allowed at the joint. On this basis, there are synarthroses, or immovable joints; amphiarthroses, or slightly movable joints; and diarthroses, or freely movable joints. Materials • Bones Methods The teaching assistant provided the unassigned pieces of bones to us. As a group we figured out the correct arrangement of the bones and showed it to the teaching assistant. He approved or rejected our specimen. Results Attached at the end. Discussion We were able to understand the overview of a fetal skull, various articulations, and body movements. We got into detail with a box full of unattached or unassigned bones. Assigning the bones their correct place was very helpful as it gave us hand in experience with the bones....
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Human_anp_lab_7 - fibrous cartilaginous and synovial joints...

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