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MATH 365 - 1001 Computational Linear Algebra Spring 2011 MW 10:00am-11:15pm TBE B172 Dr. Monika Neda, SEB 2132, 895-5170 Email: [email protected] Webpage: Office hours: MW 9:30am-9:50am and 11:30am-12:50pm in SEB 2132, or by appointment GA information: Yuri Sapolich, office: CDC 704, email: [email protected] , phone: 895-0364, office hours: MW 11:30am-12:30pm and T 1:00pm-3:00pm, or by appointment . Discussion classes: Section 1001: F 10:00am-11:15am in CBC-C129 – GA: Yuri Sapolich Prerequisite: Math 182 and CS 117 or CS 135. Text: Essential Introduction to Linear Algebra (Fifth edition), by Lee W. Johnson, R. Dean Riess , Jimmy T. Arnold. Material Covered: Chapters 1-5. Homework: Will be assigned weekly and is strongly recommended (not for credit). Tests: There will be 2 tests and a cumulative final exam. Projects: There will be Matlab projects assigned for each chapter and collected for credit. You will turn in the projects in the webcampus system. Grading: 25% matlab projects, 20% each test, 35% final exam. A: 90%-100% B: 80%-89% C: 70%-79% D: 60%-69% F: 0%-59% Note: If you miss a test you must present me with some certification before the test; otherwise, your test grade will be zero. Course Description: This is a course of computational linear algebra. It is designed to introduce students to the matrix theory and systems of linear equations, elementary vector-space concepts, subspaces, linear independence, bases, linear transformations, matrix representation for linear transformations, change of basis and the eigenvalue problem. Techniques from linear algebra that can be applied to drawing curves that fit experimental/empirical data will be presented. We will also comment on aspects of solving linear algebra problems in a computer environment throughout the semester. Important:
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MATH_365_syllabus2 - Computational Linear Algebra Spring...

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