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Chapter_6_24_endocrine - Chapters 6 21 24 Endocrine System...

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Chapters 6 , 21 & 24 Endocrine System Endocrine Functions A single gland may produce multiple hormones. EX. Anterior pituitary (6 different hormones) A single hormone may be made by more than one gland EX. Somatostatin (stomach, pancreas & hypothalamus) A hormone may have more than 1 target & response EX . Testosterone Some organs may be exclusively hormonal EX. Anterior pituitary Some organs produce hormones & have other functions EX. Testes produce testosterone & produce sperm Hormones that go through the blood to target certain organs I. Primary Endocrine Organs fig 6.1 Hypothalmus & Pituitary Pineal gland Thyroid gland and parathyroid glands Thymus Adrenal glands Pancreas Gonads Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland o Hypothalamus in brain o Pituitary gland Anterior lobe fig 6.4 – grows up Posterior lobe fig 6.3 – grows down **nose of the hypothalamus – anterior faces the same ways as the “nose”** o Infundibulum Hormones of Posterior Pituitary Antidiuretic Hormone (vasopressin) ADH Water balance and osmolarity Initiates child birth Oxytocin milk ejection parturition “love” hormone or peacemaking females produce more oxytocin Blood Connection to Anterior Pituitary – fig 6.4 Portal vessels – link 2 capillary beds In capillaries is where exchange occurs between blood and tissue Releasing hormone/inhibiting hormone portal systems Liver & kidney Tropic Hormones: Affect release of another hormone
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Releasing hormones Inhibiting hormones Common Tropic Hormone Pathway Hypothalamus secretes releasing or inhibiting hormone into capillary bed Blood with tropic hormones enters portal vein Hypothalamic tropic hormones access anterior pituitary secretory cells through capillary beds Alter release of anterior pituitary tropic hormones Anterior pituitary tropic hormones enter bloodstream in same capillary bed Travel to distant endocrine gland to trigger release of hormone Anterior Pituitary Hormones fig 6.5 Hormone Source Target Action Prolactin Breast Milk production ACTH Adrenal Cortex Release corticoids GH Bones & Muscles Growth in length TSH Thyroid gland Release T 3 & T 4 LH Leydig cells Make testosterone LH Follicle Ovulation FSH Testes Spermatogenesis FSH Ovaries Maturation of ova Oxycotin ADH Control of Hypothalamic Tropic Hormone Release All hormones from Anterior Pituitary are tropic EXCEPT pro-lactiv Neural input because they come from neurons Hormonal - negative feedback fig 6.6 Circadian rhythm Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of Hypothalamus Internal clock Feedback Control: Cortisol fig 6.7 Transport of Hormones Hydrophilic hormones Peptides, catecholamines Dissolved in plasma Hydrophobic hormones Steroids, Bound to carrier proteins Only free hormone can Only free hormone can
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