Chapter_7_neurons - Chapter 7 Nerve Cells &...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Nerve Cells & Electric Signaling I. Organization of the Nervous System fig 7.1 II. Cells of the Nervous System Neurons - Glial cells Classification of Neurons Functional: Based upon direction impulses conducted. Sensory or Conduct impulses from receptors to CNS. Motor or: Conduct impulses out of CNS to effector. Association or: Located entirely within the CNS. Components of a Neuron Soma contains nucleus and most organelles Dendrites reception of incoming information Axon transmits electrical impulses called action potentials Axon hillock where axon originates and action potentials initiated Axon terminal releases neurotransmitter Synapse: space between a neuron & another cell Structure of Typical Neurons fig 7.2 Ion Channels in Neurons Leak channels Resting membrane potential Ligand-gated channels Open or close in response to Dendrites & cell body Synaptic potentials Voltage-gated channels Open or close in response to Sodium and potassium channels throughout, but more in axon action potentials Calcium Channels Axon terminal Release of neurotransmitter Functional Classes of Neurons fig 7.4 Glial Cells Astrocytes Ependymal Cells Microglia Oligodendrocytes Schwann Cells Supporting Cells in CNS Astrocytes fig 9.4 Most Vascular processes Contribute to Regulate May secrete Development of Possibly modulate Remove NT from Communicate Maintain normal electrolyte composition of Protect neurons against Microglia Ependymal Oligodendrocytes: Found in One oligodendrocyte:...
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Chapter_7_neurons - Chapter 7 Nerve Cells &...

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