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Axia College Material Appendix E IV Equipment Match the type of IV equipment in the following list with the appropriate definition by copying and pasting the correct information into the table: Types of IV Equipment IVPB Continuous IV infusion Syringe pump Direct IV injection Heparin lock IV bolus Controller IV push Dextrose in water Infusion pump Definition Type of IV Equipment 1. A kind of electronic infusion pump Syringe pump 2. Drugs administered by the direct IV injection route IV push 3. Device attached to the hub of the IV
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Unformatted text preview: catheter Heparin lock 4. Hypodermic injection into a vein Direct IV injection 5. Devices often referred to as electronic flow clamps Controller 6. Device that maintains flow by displacing fluid at an ordered rate Infusion pump 7. D 5 W Dextrose in water 8. Quantity of IV fluid that can be run over a period of time IV bolus 9. Replaces fluids and maintains electrolytes Continuous IV infusion 10. Medications dissolved in a small amount of IV fluid IVPB HCP 220...
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