HCP 210 Checkpoint Aseptic Techniques

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Checkpoint: Aseptic Techniques Some of the basic equipment and supplies that are used to prepare sterile products include laminar flow hoods, vertical flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, needles, syringes, and IV bags. In order for one to properly prepare sterile products, some aseptic techniques may vary depending on the technician. One technique one might use would be to conduct all manipulations inside a properly maintained and certified laminar flow hood. Allow the laminar flow hood to operate for at least 30 minutes before use in order to produce a particle free environment. Maintain a designated "clean" area around the hood. Other techniques would be to remove all jewelry and scrub hands and arms to the
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Unformatted text preview: elbows with a suitable antibacterial agent, wear lint-free clothing, head and face covers and to also clean all flat surfaces. Some precautions that must be used when preparing chemotherapy drugs are much more extensive that the average precautions. For example, any individual that handles cancer drugs must have extensive knowledge with all written policies and procedures, must be certified and know the proper aseptic techniques. Also, one must be informed of any and all possible risks and/or controversies at the time of hire and should be given the opportunity to request reassignment if they should become indisposed anytime in the near future....
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