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csci571hw6 - Homework 6 Personal Real Time Stock Quote 1...

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Homework 6: Personal Real Time Stock Quote 1. Objectives circle6 Get experience with Perl programming language; circle6 Get experience with CGI programming; circle6 Get experience parsing text using Perl regular expressions 2. Description In this exercise, you are required to create a guestbook where visitors record personal information and their favorite stocks. When a visitor returns and logs in, the system will display their information and the latest data for the stocks they have provided. A visitor will first connect to a page that contains two links labeled as follows: circle6 Establish Your Account circle6 Login When "Establish Your Account" is selected, a new page displays a form that includes the following set of fields: circle6 First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name; circle6 Address, City, State, Zip code; circle6 Login Name (you would like to use), Password (you would like to use): circle6 The symbols for 3 your favorite stocks.
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You are NOT expected to imitate the page above. Devise your own placement of the fields. Visitors will be instructed to fill out the form and click on “Submit Your Account Information” button. Your task is to write a server-side script in PERL that records the information provided by the user who filled out the form. Your server side PERL
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