Assignment - Negative Messages (memo)

Assignment - Negative Messages (memo) - need to address As...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Project Teammates FROM: Janna Frank, Team Manager DATE: January 24, 2010 SUBJECT: 1st Quarter Financial Results Hello Team, What a quarter this has been! Early mornings, short lunches, and late nights (thanks for all those coffee runs, John!) have been the theme for the ‘Dream Team’ while working to meet our financial goals. You all continue to challenge the standard for greatness, and I admire your never-ending creativity. That being said, this quarter's project standings have just arrived, and it seems we've just missed our mark. While I know you all worked hard to meet the goals put forth, there must be room for improvement we
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Unformatted text preview: need to address. As you've probably already guessed, we will have to wait until next quarter to get our bonus. I sympathize with those of you who had plans for this bonus (my European vacation will need to be postponed!), and just know we will meet and surpass next quarter’s goals! Again, I appreciate all the hard work and extra hours put in by our team, and couldn’t be more proud. We will begin brainstorming new strategies at tomorrow's meeting, and I will be available if you have any questions. Thank you again, and make sure to wear your thinking hats tomorrow!...
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