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Address: In addition to WritePoint SM and the Plagiarism Checker, what resources are available at the CWE? What information do these resources provide? Identify: Which two resources may be most useful in building your writing skills. Explain your answer. While WritePoint and the Plagiarism Checker are both great tools, I will most likely use the various samples and guides more often. Among others, there are sample outlines, title pages, bibliographies- all in APA format. I anticipate using the Writing Wizard and Essay Development tools. These will be helpful to me when I am having difficulty getting started. There are also tutorials for the most used programs for preparing assignments, including PowerPoint and Word. This is a great place to start in a course to give myself a reminder of how to use them to their fullest.
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Unformatted text preview: Address the following points about the feedback you receive: What specific feedback did you receive? It was suggested I use the word believe or think in place of feel or felt, to avoid using a clich. The other suggestion I was given was to replace the word utilizing with using, to better suit my meaning. What surprised you about this feedback? I was surprised by the accuracy of this resource. While computer-generated, it seems to understand the meaning of your writing within the context. What is most valuable to you regarding this feedback? After completing this assignment, I think I will be more apt to use the resources because of their proven accuracy. My weakest area, when writing, is being clear and concise, and this seems to be WritePoints main purpose....
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