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Manager Teammates Travel Agent Purpose The supervisor must be told in order to prepare for any backlash. My coworkers will be impacted greatly by this and need time to adjust. The travel agent will need to change the travel plans. Audience The manager is a professional. My teammates are work peers, but also under me in this instance. My travel agent and I have a professional, but also customer/service provider relationship. Tone The tone here must be formal, but confident, to portray control of the situation. My tone must be apologetic with my coworkers, while also being one of warm authority and knowledgeable. The travel agent is working for me, therefore, the tone should be one of informative request. Content In reviewing my team's financial goals for this quarter, it is clear to me we have failed to meet them. This will be addressed at our weekly project conference tomorrow afternoon. I plan to inform my team members of our standing, and answer any questions they may have regarding the
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