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CheckPoint - Final Project Topic

CheckPoint - Final Project Topic - would cut down on a...

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CheckPoint: Final Project Topic                                              Janna Frank My proposed topic for the COM/140 final project is a meal service.  Without prior  research of this type of service, I feel the idea is practical, given the short-term needs of  DigiFast.  My first indication of this need was the use of the term ‘unfortunately’ when  describing the location of the break room.  To support efficiency while maximizing the  value of the company’s current employees, utilizing a delivery program such as this 
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Unformatted text preview: would cut down on a number of time-wasting activities. Costly trips from the third to first floors (in terms of paid time) simply to heat food or purchase beverages from a machine can nickel and dime a small company- let alone those trips made outside the building for meals, adding a burden to the employee as well. With this small investment, DigiFast has the opportunity to increase productivity and entice future employees....
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  • Topic                                             Janna Frank, entice future employees, activities.  Costly trips, COM/140 final project, small company­ let

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