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Week Five CheckPoint - Persuasive Memo - be eaten at any of...

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DigiFast Memorandum Date: January 29, 2010 To: Steve Taylor, Facilities Manager From: Janna Frank, Human Resources Subject: Service Proposal This memo summarizes the results of my research on the benefits of a meal delivery service, as they pertain to the building itself. Due to the low-cost and minimal risk, I propose the rental of unoccupied office space on the third floor to a food services company. Adding a meal delivery service near DigiFast will streamline travel between floors, by having breakfast and lunch available right down the hall; this will minimize unnecessary tread wear and keep the still-for-rent offices spotless. Elevator travel will not be as frequent, as there will be no need to go to and from the first floor for all breaks and lunches. With an independent food service business, maintenance will be minimal, as we will use a company which has their food delivered by truck daily- requiring the least cooking and need for large appliances. All food can
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Unformatted text preview: be eaten at any of the four tables located in the break room area of DigiFasts suite. This will help ensure there is less snacking in individual cubicles, and help keep those areas clean. Cleaning of the office occupied by the meal service will be emphasized in the contract, and will be the sole responsibility of the renter. Most importantly, the overall benefits to the office building will be in attracting a new business. A meal delivery service will occupy minimal office space with a consumable product- keeping storage needs low. A new company will bring with it advertising and signage linked to our building. This buildings space has been managed expertly since our arrival, and I do hope you will consider the potential opportunities presented in this memo. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions regarding the building facilities....
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