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MEMO TO: Christine Lancaster, Training Supervisor FROM: Joe Gilmore, Training Department Manager JG DATE: December 20, 2006 SUBJECT: New Training Series Department Goals for 2007 In reviewing your proposal, I was greatly encouraged by this innovative idea. Strengthening team performance is priority number one on our agenda, and this idea is a great way to begin the new year on the right track. New Training Series Training in the recognition and understanding of emotional intelligence will begin January 8, 2007. In anticipation of this new series, a memo must be drafted and presented to the department. Please include the following information in the memo: 1. Create a bulleted list of the benefits of this program as it applies to our mission. 2. Map out a timeline of the training series, with two sessions per day. This will provide flexibility to those who need it.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Schedule a Q&A meeting to address any concerns or input from the employees. This will encourage the staff of the importance of building our knowledge of emotional intelligence. Anticipated Result Effective communication and conflict-resolution have been areas with a great need for improvement within this company. I believe the implementing of this training series on emotional intelligence will bring this company’s individual talents together, creating a more conducive environment of quality work. I would also encourage you to offer Jill Smith a collaborative position for the new training series. Her research and foresight to provide us with this information will be a great asset. If you have any questions regarding the content of the series, please contact me. Thank you for your continued dedication to reaching and surpassing our goals....
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